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Part Reading Comprehension (30%)

Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer sheet

Passage 1

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:

The most famous collections of fairy tales are the ones by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. The Grimms published their first fairy-tale collection in 1812.They disappearing German folk culture. Their first edition () was a scholarly book that carefully recorded the oral tales. They were surprised when some of their early readers suggested that the stories might be interesting to children

But the Grimms needed money. They had made a bad deal with their publisher and received little payment for their first book. At one point Wilhelm complained there wasnt a chair in his house one could sit on without worrying it would break. So he took the hint and set to work to make a book that would be suitable for children. He selected a few of the tales, made them much longer , and polished up the language. He didnt add morals , but he did slip in character judgments and moralizing comments wherever he could

The Grimms fairy tales also have one characteristic that would seem to make them unsuitable for children. Many of them include violent incidents. In Hansel and Gretel eaten by a wolf. When he revised the tales for children, Wilhelm Grimm retained the violence. In fact, he sometimes even ramped it up. For example, in the first edition, the one intended for children, that her birds peck()out their eyes

Why, then, have the Grimms fairy tales become classic of childrens literature, so much so that it is hard to imagine a child who doesnt know Cinderellas story or Snow Whites?

One answer is that only a few of the tales survived into modern times. The first edition of the Grimms fairy tales had 210 tales. By 1825 it was down to 50. And taday only a dozen or so of the tales are often reprinted in childrens collections

(76)But the deeper answer is that the tales that have lasted are magical adventures that help children deal with the struggles and fears of their everyday lives

Why did Wilhelm Grimm set out to adapt his book for children?

To deal with readers complaints

To improve his financial situation

At the request of his publisher

To preserve the ancient stories in print

When revising the fairy tales, Wilhelm did all of the following EXCEPT_______

A. adding character judgments.             B. making the tales much longer

C. deleting the violent scenes              D. polishing up the language

3. What does the expression ramped it up in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

A. Started     B. Allowed     C. Classified       D. Increased

4. Which of the following statements about the Grimms fairy tales is TRUE according to the passage?

A. They were originally intended to be childrens stories

B. Generally speaking, the tales that have endured can help children deal with the challenges life bring to them

C. A large number of the tales made it to the modern age

D. They are less violent than the childrens stories being written today

5. What is the passage mainly concerned with?

A. History of fairy tales

B. Ways to preserve the oral tradition

C. The Grimms fairy tales

D. Violence in fairy tales

Passage 2

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

As the school year kicks off, parents are once again struggling to cajole (ƭ) and, if need be, drag their exhausted teens out of bed, That image may make you laugh, but lack of sleep is no joke. (77)Teenagers who dont get enough rest have more learning, health, behavior and mood problems than students who get at least nine hours a night. Long-term lack of sleeo is tied to heart disease, overweight, depression and a shortened life. Lack of sleep can be especially deadly for teens; car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers , and safety experts believe sleepy driving is a major factor

Unfortunately, few teenagers get the sleep they need. In a survey of middle- and high-school students, University of Colorado researchers found that 82 percent said they woke up tied and unrefreshed, and more than half had trouble concentrating during the day at least once a week

Blame multitasking for some of this. Many students are juggling after-school activities, homework and part-time jobs. Even when they manage to fulfill these obligations by a reasonable hour, television, the internet, video games, phone calls and text message to friends often keep them awake deep into the night. Taking soda and energy drinks late in the day and going to late-night parties on weekends add to sleep for most teens to fall asleep before 11 pm. Class usually beings before 8:15 am, with many high schools starting as weends to catch up, making it even harder to fall asleep on Sunday night and wake up Monday morning . Playing catch-up on weekends also doesnt help teens stay refreshed when the need it most: during the week at school

Since the 1990s, middle and high school in more than two dozen states have experimented with later school start times. (78) The results have been encouraging: more sleep, increased attendance, better grades and fewer driving accidents. But most school still start early, meaning teens have their work cut out for them if they want to get enough sleep

6. According to the passage, poor sleep can be linked to all of the following EXCEPT____

A. heart disease              B. car accidents

C. skin problems             D. poor concentration

7. The main idea of Paragraph 3 is______

A. how sleep deprivation(ȱ)can be treated

B. what causes sleep deprivation

C. who is most at risk for sleep deprivation

D. why sleep deprivation is a serious concern

8. What does the word juggling in Paragragph3 probably mean?

A. Dealing with at the same time

B. Striking a balance between

C. Weekend catch-up sleep

D. Healthy diet

9. Which of the following is NOT to balme for teenager lack of sleep?

A. Multitasking          B. Striking a balance between

C. Weekend catch-up sleep  D. Healthy diet

10. According to the passage, what have some school done to help their students get enough sleep?

A. Educating their students about the importance of sleep

B. Monitoring their students late-night activities

C. Delaying school start times

D. Setting strict rules

Passage 3

Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:

As any middle-class parent knows, unpaid work experience can give youngsters a valuable introduction to a secure job. The government has recognized it too, abandoning rules in 2011 that had formerly stopped 16-to 24-years-olds from doing unpaid work while claiming unemployment benefit. But moving from that to forcing them to work without pay in order to collect these benefits has proved a big step

(79)More than one million young people in Britain are unemployed, the highest number since the mid-1980s. Keen both to cut the welfare bill and to avoid the depressed future wages that may result from early unemployment, the government has impressed future wages that may result from early unemployment, the government has introduced an ambitious program of reform to get youngsters off welfare and into work. A key part of it is ensuring that no one gets benefit from the government for long; ministers are keen to avoid what happened after the early-1980s recession(˥)when unemployment continued in some parts of the country for a long time after the economy began to improve

To help young people into work, ministers had persuaded lots of employers, including bakery chains, bookshops, and supermarkets, to take on unemployed youths, who receive work experience but no pay, with the prospect of proper job for those who shine. (80)Some 35,000 youngsters participated last year; half found paid work soon after finishing the scheme

The idea of getting young adults used to showing up for work is popular with voters: according to a survey published in February, about 60% of people support the program. Equally attractive was the option of compelling them to work: under the existing arrangements youngsters could choose whether or not to accept a place, but if they dropped put after the end of the first week, they stood to lose up to two weeks benefits

Yet the scheme has also polarized(ֻ)opinion: a third of people are consistently opposed. Following a noisy Right to Work campaign that accused employers of co-operating secretly with this from getting worse, Chris Grayling, an employment minister, admitted that young people could leave their work experience at any time without being punished for doing so. This not only halted the flight of employers(for now, at least)but also enabled him to announce that new firms have agreed to take part in the program.

11. According to the passage, young people in Britain_____

A. are used to showing up for work

B. value unpaid work very much

C. are always opposed to unpaid work

D. could learn something about job security through unpaid work

12. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT TRUE?

A. Most voters support the governments effort to help young people to work

B. Some people protest against the governments attempt to force young people to work

C. There are more than one million young people who took part in the program

D. There are more than one million young people who are jobless

13. According to the author, the British government is trying to______

A. punish young people if they are not cooperating with it

B. reform the unemployed youngsters

C. the economic slowdown

D. reduce welfare spending

14. The word shine in Paragraph 3 means ______

A. do well                 B. reflect light

C. look happy               D. produce light

15. Which of the following is an appropriate title for this passage?

A. Enjoy Work Without Pay

B. Can Work, Wont Work

C. Should Work, Shouldnt Play

D. Hate Work or Love Work

Part Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choice marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

16. Please give Jim the schedule for tomorrows conference when he ______ back. He is to chair the conference

A. will come   B. come    C. comes    D. came

17.______five minutes earlier, you would not have missed the last train for Shanghai, but you were late

A. Had you come                 B. Do you come

C. Did you come                 D. Should you come

18. After he worked out the solution, _____ appeared a smile on his face

A. it               B. here           C. what             D. there

19. _____ the former presidents supporters went out in streets to express their anger and dissatisfaction

A. A small amount of             B. A large number of

C. A little bit of                  D. A great deal of

20. To be honest, todays dinner was just so-so. It wasnt such a good one____ promised by the boss

A. that       B. which          C. as             D. what

21. So many people _____, the meeting had to be put off

A. being absent            B. to be absent

C. were absent             D. had been absent

22. We often advise him not to drink more _____ is good for his health

A. as          B. that         C. than         D. but

23.----Did Charles vote in the last election?

-----No, he wasnt_____

A. enough old then                 B. then enough old

C. ole then enough                 D. old enough then

24. By no means_____ look down on those who are less lucky in life than we are/

A. we should                     B. should we

C. we should not                  D. should we not

25. He didnt feel like ____that day so he stayed indoors reading

A. working      B. works        C. to work     D. worked

26. No sooner had we started on the road _____it began to rain

A. when        B. than          C. then       D. whenever

27. He decide to go for a sailing holiday ______ the fact that he was usually Seasick (δ)

A. because of       B. in spite of     C.in case of   D. as a result of

28. What you do in your spare time is your own _____. However it should not be harmful to others

A. business        B. purchase       C. bargain       D.sale

29. As a gardener, Jim has to water the flowers and ______the grass in the garden every morning

A. trim           B. improve        C. refine       D. repair

30. The firemen are still ____the small fires started by the plane crash

A. taking off      B. setting aside    C. getting along with    D. putting out

31. He didnt live up to _____had been expected of him

A. that         B. what         C. which       D. all

32. The old couple decided to ___a boy and a girl though they had three of their own

A. adapt      B. bring      C. receive     D. adopt

33. The relationship between employers and employees has been studied____

A, originally    B. extremely     C. violently     D. intensively

34. The car _____ halfway for no reason

A. broke off     B. broke down   C. broke up   D. broke out

35. The police ____ that he committed a series of crimes in the north of the city

A. swelled     B. submitted    C. surveyed     D. suspected

36. The manger lost his _____just because his secretary was ten minutes late

A. mood     B. temper       C. mind    D. passion

37. We gave out a cheer when the red roof of the cottage came_____ view

A. from      B. in          C. before      D. into

38. I have kept that portrait _____ I can see it every day , as it always reminds me of my university days in London

A. which      B. where        C. whether       D. into

39. The room is in a terrible mess; it _____ cleaned

A. Cant have been             B. mustnt have been

C. shouldnt have been          D. wouldnt have been

40. You see the lightning ____ it happens, BUT you hear the thunder later

A. the instant                 B. for an instant

C. on the instant              D. in an instant

41._____ it or not , his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles

A. Believe                  B. To believe

C. Believing                D. Believed

42. The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at ______ chemists

A. other          B. some         C. certain     D. any

43. Your hair wants____. Youd better have it done tomorrow

A. cut          B. to cut          C. cutting      D. being cut

44. I dont think it advisable that Tom _____ to the job since he has no experience

A. be assigned     B. will be assigned

C. is assigned     D. has been assigned

45. The goals ____he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him

A. after which      B. with which    C. for which     D. at which

Part   Identification (10%)

Directions: Each of the following sentence has four underline parts marked A, B, C and D. Identify the one that is not correct. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

Part CLOZE (10%)

By the time I finished high school, my interest in animals had grown, and enrolled at a university to study biology. I learned soon enough that studying animals __56__ this level was not in the animals best ___57. I remember one midterm exam in ___58 each student was handed a large, freshly-killed frog and __59 to dissect () and mark a set of body parts. I looked at the ___60 frog in front of me and was saddened that her life was ___61 away for such a slight ___62.

A year later, in the same lab __63 I dissected the frog, I performed a small act of animal ___64. We were ___65 on fruit flies, and it was time to record the distribution of characteristics in their next generation. Flies were ___66 in small plastic bottles. Counting the number of flies with white or red eyes required first exposing them to ether() ___67 they could not move. The flies were then spread onto a piece of white paper ___68 and counted. When the data collection was ___69, the flies had no further use, and our instructions were to ___70 them into a small glass dish of oil at the center of each desk, which was to be their final resting ___71.

Once may little pile of flies had been counted, I pushed them off the edge of the paper. As we recorded our data, I kept one eye___72 them. Within minutes the pile was humming(˽) as tiny legs and wings beat their way out of the ether fog. I was extremely excited as they ___73 flight. That was my first ___74 in refusing to conduct scientific research that treated nonhuman life in a(n) ___75 way

56. A at   B with   C for   D off

57. A  duties   B interests   C rates   D hobbies 

58.  A what   B that   C where   D which

59.  A dismissed   B drawn   C instructed   D mended

60.   A alive   B dead   C living   D wounded  

61.   A made   B brought   C taken   D passed

62  A reason   B spirit   C space  D system

63.  A that   B which    C what   D where

64.  A operation   B liberation   C tendency   D wealth

65.  A experimenting   B strengthening   C stimulation   D substituting

66. A solved   B soaked   C recovered   D kept

67.  A while   B because   C incase   D so that

68.  A being examined   B to be examined  C being operated   D to be operated

69.  A preliminary   B progressive   C complete   D curious

70.  A put   B raise   C rouse   D spoil

71.  A shade   B shadow   C place   D stuff

72.   A for   B with   C at   D on

73. A stood   B took   C sent   D rode

74.  A step  B review   C glance   D gesture

75.  A kind   B generous   C cruel   D effective



76 But the deeper answer is that the tales that have lasted are magical adventures that help children deal with the struggles and fears of their everyday lives

77 Teenagers who dont get enough rest have more learning, health, behavior and mood problems than students who get at least nine hours a night

78  The results have been encouraging: more sleep, increased attendance, better grades and fewer driving accidents

79 More than one million young people in Britain are unemployed, the highest number since the mid-1980s

80 Some 35,000 youngsters participated last year; half found paid work soon after finishing the scheme


81. 죬ڰ칫дʱ СӢ绰ˡ

82. ȥͼݵ˱ǩ


84. ȥ꣬ ׶ع١

85. ѧϰӢʮˡ





һ Ķ




1.𰸡Bϸ⡣ݵڶBut the Grimms needed money. So he took the hint and set to work to make a book that would be suitable for children.֪GrimmΪȱǮȥΪͯд飬ѡB

2. 𰸡Cϸ⡣ݵWhen he revised the tales for children, Wilhelm Grimm retained() the violence֪ѡC

3. 𰸡Dʻ⡣ݵFrom example漸仰ڵһCinderellaԭĽǡרдǿĵڶCinderellaǵ۾ˡ֪˱ԡ

4. 𰸡Bϸ⡣һ䣬ͯһЩõðգЩðյľܰӦճеĿ־

5. 𰸡Cּ⡣ȫĶΧƸͯչġAD̫Bֻڵһᵽ


1. But the deeper answer is that the tales that have lasted are magical adventures that help children deal with the struggles and fears of their everyday lives. εԭͯһЩõ̽չ£ͯճкºʱЩܸǴ


ӵBut the deeper answer is that the tales are magical adventures. һӾ䡣Ӿthe talesֱһӾ(that have lasted)Σ ӾıadventuresֱһӾ(that help children deal with the struggles and fears of their everyday lives)ΡӾдʶdz䵱ġ


1. preserve 2. disappear ʧ 3. make a deal with . 4. complain Թ 5. suitable ʵ 6. moral £Ԣ 7. characteristic 8. violent 9.survive 10. adventure ð


ͯҪJakobWihelm Grimmּͯ1812ǵĵһͯΪDzΪͯдģΪڱʧĵ¹Ļǵĵһ汾һϸ¼ͷ˵ѧԵ鼮ǵһЩڵĶ˵Щ¿ܻԶͯȽʱǸеЩȡ






ڶ  ʻ÷﷨ṹ

16. 𰸡CһʱʾJimʱճ̸Ҫֻ顣

17. 𰸡Ahad/should/wereǰwould not have missedʽǶԹȥ⣬ӶҪhadǰҪӣͲһȥϺĻ𳵣Ѿˡ

18. 𰸡Dthere be͡ϳЦݡ

19. 𰸡Ba large number ofοʸܶǰͳ֧߳ڴϱǵߺͲ

20. 𰸡Csuch as as Ϊ磬˼ ʵ˵Ͳˡϰŵá

21. 𰸡Aso many peoplebe absentingʽ


22. 𰸡Cmore than˼ǾҪȶ彡Χľơ

23. 𰸡Denoughݴʱݴʵĺ档



24. 𰸡B񶨴ʿͷĵװBy no meansͷҪװshouldᵽǰ档ǾܿЩû˵ˡ

25. 𰸡Afeel like doing ϲij£ij¡ 첻빤Դڼ￴顣

26. 𰸡Bno sooner thanһͣ Ǹ·Ϳʼꡣ

27. 𰸡Bbecause ofΪ in spite ofܣȻ in case of⣬Է as a result ofΪĽȼ٣ʵδ

28. 𰸡ABusiness purchaseҵʱʲôԼ顣Dzкˡ

29. 𰸡Atrim޼improve ߣĽƣ refinerepair޲ Ϊһ԰Jimÿڻ԰ス޼ݡ

30. 𰸡Dtake off £ȥset aside get along withput outϨ ԱɷɻʧС

31. 𰸡Bwhat÷ӾȱٱWhat had been expected of himûдﵽǶ

32. 𰸡Dadapt Ӧ bring receiveյ adopt ǶϷ򸾾һкһŮԼŮ

33. 𰸡Doriginallyԭʼأ extremelyأdzviolently intensivelyܼ ԱĹϵѾܼо

34. 𰸡Bbreak offжϣֹ break down êbreak up룻ɢҵ break outͻȻ Ե޹ڰ·ê

35. 𰸡Dswellʹ()ʹsubmit survey suspectɣ ڳбһϵа

36. 𰸡Blose ones temper Ƣ ƢΪٵʮӡ

37. 𰸡D come into view üҰ ǶķҰʱDZ˻

38. 𰸡BӾʣ___I can see it every dayӾȱٵص״whereҰǷÿܹĵطΪʹ׶صĴѧ

39. 𰸡AʾƲҪcant һ㡣ܱɨ

40. 𰸡Din an instant ̣ 緢ϿԺ

41. 𰸡ABelieve it or not Ų㡣Ų㣬ķڿѧ˺䶯

42. 𰸡Dother someijһ certain ijijЩ anyκһ ҩκһҩ򵽡

43. 𰸡CwantʾWant cutting ͷҪˡ°ɡ

44. 𰸡AadvisableҪĴӾ(should) ԭεʽҲΪTomǿȡģΪûо顣

45. 𰸡Cfight forΪսܶ һΪ֮ܶĿ˵Ҫ


46. 𰸡D  ӦΪwill you? ʹķʾ䡣DZʱ򣬲Ҫ˰Żԭðɣ

47. 𰸡C  ӦΪshould beڱӾӦãdemandıӾҪshould+ԭΡĹҪǵĹӦ20%

48. 𰸡B  ӦΪto be seen̶÷It remains to be seenд֪ķǷʺϲμӾ

49. 𰸡ӦΪnone of˷noneJoeLindaTomȫ

50. 𰸡ӦΪone̶÷oneanotherһһڹȥ20УѾǵһֻһָõķʽ˸ı䡣

51. 𰸡ӦΪbeing spokenڱdzٵʹõ£ΡΪδһǧѽͣ

52. 𰸡ӦΪolder25ϵ˲μijʽļ

53. 𰸡ӦΪonKeep an eye onijע⡣ุܶĸãڶԷѧУĵǣҪעǵĺ

54. 𰸡BӦΪspentνﶯincreasedˣspendӦΪνʽʱtimeĹϵDZϵ˲ùȥִʽѻĸ˵2009껨ںϵʱ䣬ӵƽ12.9Сʱÿڡ

55. 𰸡ӦΪincreasingԽԽ֤֤ԽԽλ롣


56𰸡A at this level𣬹̶

57𰸡B in ones best interest

58𰸡D 춨Ӿʣ___each student was handed a large, freshly-killed frog in the midterm exam. ѡin which

59𰸡C and ǰУһĸʽǰñhanded, ѡinstructed ָȥ

60𰸡B ĵfreshly-killed frogѡdead

61𰸡C take away ones life

62𰸡A for such a slight reasonΪ΢ԭ

63𰸡D 춨Ӿʣ___ I dissected the frog,Ӿȱٵص״ѡwhere 

64𰸡A perform a small act of animal operation. һСĶliberationtendencyƣwealthƸ

65 𰸡A experiment on ʵ

66 𰸡D solvesoakrecoverָkeepţ

67 𰸡D so thatΪˣʾĿġӴѵĿDzܶ

68 𰸡B to doʾto be examined顣ӬɢһŰֽϣȴ

69 𰸡C preliminaryԤģprogressiveǰģչеcompleteɵcurious ռɺѡcomplete

70 𰸡A put raisȩrouseŪѣspoil𻵣̣ ǷŽÿмһСװ͵

71 𰸡C shade shadow placeط stuffϣԭϣľ Ϣĵط

72 𰸡D keep one eye onʾij

73 𰸡B take flight̶

74 𰸡A first step in doingijµĵһ̶

75 𰸡C kindѺõ generous󷽵ģ cruel̵ effectiveЧ in a cruel way Բ̵ķʽ






56. 𰸡CͬλӾ䣬дreasonӾ˵reasonݡѡwhy

57. 𰸡Aһshutting down the site is not the answer֪һվǷӦñرա˿֪ѡA

58. 𰸡Aת۹ϵرվǽĸ취

59. 𰸡Dرվվ

60. 𰸡Ctake its placeȡλá

61. 𰸡Baboutڽݡ

62. 𰸡Aavoid⡢ܡ

63. 𰸡DThe key to doing/n. ijµĹؼ

64. 𰸡BҪܸӦʵõĵķ

65. 𰸡Cso thatԱڣʾĿġ

66. 𰸡CȻһЧDz

67. 𰸡Bwhetherorǡ

68. 𰸡Apersonal informationϢ

69. 𰸡Dνﶯpostlet÷νﶯʽ

70. 𰸡C֪ʲôʱȥ

71. 𰸡BκθĶ߽

72. 𰸡DcompletelyȫƬһ

73. 𰸡Dûб˱˵׼ҪƬϡ

74. 𰸡Bunder any circumstancesκ¡

75. 𰸡AΪжϤҪʵʶ˼档


If myspace.com were shut down, another site would quickly replace its place. ֱ룺վرˣƵվȡ֮



1. figure out   2. indeedȷʵ  3. shut downر









76. 𰸡ǸεĴǣЩѾõܹͯӦճе־ðչ¡

77. 𰸡ϢЩÿ˯9СʱѧиѧϰΪ⡣

78. 𰸡˹ģ˯Խ㣬ʾԽߣɼҲԽãҼʻ¹Խ١

79. 𰸡Ӣгһʧҵ80ֵ

80. 𰸡ȥԼǧ룺һĿ󲻾þҵнĹ


81.𰸡Yesterday, while I was writing a report in my office, Xiaoming called from Britain

82.𰸡Whoever wants to go to the library must sign his or her name here

83.𰸡He was so absorbed in reading that he didnt hear the telephone ring

84.𰸡I spent my summer vacation in London last year

85𰸡I have been learning English for about 10 years



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