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PartReading Comprehension (30%)

Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

Passage 1

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:

The reflective towers of New York City, which is on the Atlantic migrating(Ǩ)route , can be deadly for birds. We live in an age of glass, said Ms.Laurel, an architect(76)It can be a perfect mirror in certain lights, and the larger the glass, the more dangerous it is About 90,000 birds are killed by flying into building in the city each year. Often, they strike the lower levels of glass towers after searching for food in nearby parks. Such crashes are the second-leading cause of death for migrating birds, after habitat(Ϣ)loss, with an estimated number of death ranging up to a billion a year

(77)As glass office and apartment towers have increased in the last decade, so, too, have calls to make them less deadly to birds. San Francisco adopted bird-safety standard for new building in July. The United States Green Building Council, a nonprofit industry group that encourages the creation of environmentally conscious buildings, will introduce a bird-safety credit this as part of its environmental certification process

There are no easy fixes, however. A few researchers are exploring glass designs that use ultraviolet(ߵ)signals, but they are still in their infancy. Covers, dot patterns, shades and net are the main options available

Often, only one section of a building needs to be changed. You dont necessarily have to treat every window, Ms.Laurel said. It would be too expensive to do the whole building The Jacob Convention Center, which has been undergoing alterations, is the most recent building to voluntarily correct the problem of bird crashes. The architects used less reflective glass and dot patterns

1. What is the main idea of the passage?  B C ?

A. New York is a city of glass towers

B. Glass tower are dangerous for migrating birds

C. New York adopted new safety standards for buildings

D. Glass towers are a new trend in the United States

2. What is the number one cause of death for migrating birds?  B

A. Climate change             B. Habitat loss

C. Lack of food               D. Crashing into buildings

3. What does the word fixes in the third paragraph probably mean?  C

A. Choices        B. Explanations  C. Solutions         D. Developments

4. ___are used in the alteration of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center A

A. Dot patterns         B. Shades  C. Nets            D. Covers

5. Which of the fowling statements is TRUE according to the passage?   D

A. In many cases, the whole building needs to be altered to prevent bird crashes

B. The Jacob K.Javits Convention Center is the first building to deal with the problem of bird crashes

C. About 90,000 birds are killed due to habitat loss in New York City each year

D. Unfortunately, glass designs that use ultraviolet signals are still in their early stages

Passage 2

Question 6 to 10 are based on the fowling passage:

Todays students have grown up hearing more about Bill Gates than F.D.R., and they live in a world where amazing innovations()are common. The current 18-year-olds, after all, were 8 when Google was founded by two students at Stanford; Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while he was Harvard and they were entering high school. Having grown up digital(ֵ)they are impatient to get on with life

The easiest way to find kids like these is to check in on entrepreneurship(ҵҲ)education, in which colleges and universities try to prepare their students to recognize opportunities and seize them

A report published last year by the Kauffman Foundation, which finances programs to promote innovation on campuses, noted that more than 50,000 entrepreneurship programs are offered on two-and four-year campusesup from just 250 courses in 1985. Lesa Mitchell , a Kauffman vice president, says that the foundation is extending the reach of its academic influence, which used to be found only in business schools. Now, the concept of entrepreneurship is blooming in engineering programs and medical school, and even in the liberal arts. Our interest is the programs, she says. We need to spread out from the business school

Either as class projects or on their own, students in a variety of majors are coming up with ideas, writing business plans and seeing them through to prototype and, often, market. In their spare time, students in agricultural economics at Purdue invent new uses for bean; industrial design majors at Syracuse, in special laboratory, create wearable technologies

(78)The entrepreneurship movement has its critics, especially among those who see college as a time for extensive academic exploration. I just dont think that entrepreneurship ranks so high in terms of national need, says Daniel S.Greenberg, author of Science for sale: The perils, Rewards and Delusions of Campus Capitalism

Leonard A.Schlesinger, Babson Colleges president, says that the question of whether innovation can really be taught is an age-old argument

6. When Google and Facebook were established, the founders were still__D__A  

A. in high school       B. in the army  C. in primary school        D. at college

7. According to the passage, what is the main purpose of entrepreneurship education?  B

A. To prepare students for future academic life

B. To prepare students to find opportunities and seize them

C. To prepare students for overseas career

D. To prepare student to develop interpersonal skills

8. The word prototype in the fourth paragraph is most likely to mean_A_

A. model           B. strategy   C. method         D. stage

9. What does Daniel S.Grennberg think of entrepreneurship education?  D

A. Entrepreneurship, or at least certain elements of it, can be taught

B. An entrepreneurship program can help students find what they really like and entrepreneurship isnt all about business

C. Entrepreneurship should be spread across different fields

D. Colleges shouldnt put too much emphasis on entrepreneurship programs

10. What is the main idea of the passage?  C

A. Entrepreneurship courses in business schools

B. Qualities of an entrepreneur

C. Entrepreneurship education in colleges

D. Kids in the information age

Passage 3

Question 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:

Regret is as common an emotion as love or fear, and it can be nearly as powerful. So, in a new paper, two researchers set about trying to find out what the typical American regrets most. In telephone surveys, Neal Rose, a psychologist and professor of marketing at the School of Management at Northwestern Universtiy, and Mike Morrison, a doctoral candidate in psychology at University of Illinois, asked 370 Americans, aged 19 to 103,to talk about their most notable regret .Participants were asked what the regret was, when it happened, whether it was a result of something they did or didnt do, and whether it was something that could still be fixed

The most commonly mentioned regret involved romance ()(18%)----lost loves or unfulfilled relationships. Family regrets came in second (16%)whit people still feeling badly about being unkind to their brothers or sisters in childhood. Other frequently reported regrets involved career (13%)  ,education (12%)money(10%) and parenting(9^%)

Rose and Morrisons study, which is to be published in social psychological and personality science, is significant in that it surveyed a wide range of the American public, including people of all ages and socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Previous studies on regret have focused largely on college students, who predictably tend to have education-focused regrets, like wishing they had studied harder or a different major. The new survey shows that in the larger population, a persons major. The new survey shows that in the larger population, a persons life circumstancesaccomplishments, shortcomings ,situation in lifeinject considerable fuel into the fires of regret,the authors write

(79)People with less education, for instance were more likely to report education regret. People with higher levels of education had the most career regrets. And those with no romantic partner tended to hold regrets regarding love. Broken down(ֽ⡢ϸ)by sex, more women(44%) than men (19%) had regrets about love and family----not surprising, since women value social relationships more than men, the authors write. In contrast ,men (34%) were more likely than women (27%) to mention work-related regrets, wishing theyd chosen a different career path, for instance ,or followed their passion(80)Many participants also reported wishing they had worked less to spend more time with their children

There was an even split between regrets about inaction (not doing something) and action (do something you wish you didnt) .But, like previous studies, the current research found that some regrets are more likely than others to persist over time: people tend to hang on longer to the regret of inaction; meanwhile, regrets of action tend to be more recent

11.In the second paragraph, the author shows _A_

A. the researchers findings      B. the importance of family

C. the importance of money     D. the importance of career

12. According to the passage , college student participants mainly had regrets about their _B_

A. family and childhood      B. study and major

C. career and job            D. romance and fear

13.The word notable in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to __D_

A. common      B. capable      C. wonderful      D. remarkable

14. Which of the following statements is TRUE?   C

A. The less education he or she has, the more regrets she or he would have

B. The more education he or she has, the less regrets she or he would have

C. More women than men had regrets about love and family

D. The regret of action seems to last longer than that of inaction

15. What is the main idea of this passage?   B

A. How regret is understood by a typical American

B .Common regrets is more important than love and hate

C. Why regret is more important than love and hate

D. How regret has shaped Americans

Part  Vocabulary and Structure  (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentences. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

16. Mr Smith is coming to visit us soon. Wed better get everything ready before he __A__

A. arrives   B. arrive   C. will arrive   D. arrived

17.___B__yesterday, you would have met Professor Jones. But now he has left for London

A. Did you come

B. Had you come

C. Should you come

D. Were you to come

18. The man denied_____ into the neighbors garden and ______his cow A

A. going...stealing

B. goingstole

C. wentstealing

D. wentstole

19.Ted worked like a horse in his youth, __D__contributed to his great success later as a businessman

A. that

B. who

C. what

D. which

20. A few hours ago, a small suitcase with some important papers___D__ stolen from the general managers office

A.is               B.are               C.were               D. was

21.__D__ on the New World,he felt like crying

A.land               B.Landed             C.To land             D.Having landed

22.Visit our storeNowhere else  C   such good bargains

A.you find            B.find you            C.do you find          D.you do find

23.After  B    seemed an endless wait,ir was his turn to go into the doctors office

A,this                B.that               C.which               D.what

24.Ever since the Simiths moved to the lake area a year ago,they ___C___ better health

A.could have enjoyed   B.had enjoyed         C.have been enjoying    D.are enjoying

25.The boss doesnt want to talk about the accident;now he is in no ___D___ to do so

A.feeling              B.attitude          C.emotion      D.Mood

26.I cant understand why you regard it as music.It ___C___ me mad!

A.puts       B.sets      C.drivers      D.changes

27.Yesterday Mr Blake was caught in the rain and got wet through.___A___ he caught a bad cold

A.Consequently      B.Finally      C.Lately      D.Strangely

28.William likes to eat out,but he is not ___A___ about what he eats

A.pecrliar      B.unusual      C.particular      D.special

29.Their house stands at a hilltop, ___D__ the Hudson River down below

A.seeing      B.viewing     C.looking at      D.overlooking

30. I cant understand why my boss is always __A___fault with my work

A.finding      B.seeking    C.looking    D.making

31. This is the same knife __D___ I lost yesterday

A.which       B.what       C.like            D. as

32. --- When will you be back?

--- Ill be back __D___a couple of days

A.after          B.for           C.about       D.in

33. We hear that they will __B___ a new school here

A.set down    B.set up      C.set off     D.set out

34. He will never forget the days __A___ he spent in Japan. 

A.when     B.after        C.that       D.how

35. Interestingly enough, the two brothers have noting in___B____

A. ordinary    B.Common   C.General   D.particular

36. The scientists are trying to find out the facts to ____A___ their theory

A. support    B.carry    C.design    D.raise

37. The performance of the English team was ___C____. They played much worse than expected

A. disappoint     B. disappointing     C. disappointed     D. to disappoint

38. You are welcome to order the goods now. But payment should be made____C____

A. for advance    B. from advance     C. in advance     D. to advance

39. Speak louder so that you can make yourself ___A____

A. heard       B.to hear     C.hearing     D.have been heard

40. Now it wont be long before we meet again, ___A____?

A.will it       B.do we    C.wont we    D.does it

41. Americans eat___C___ vegetables per person today as they did in the 1960s

A. more than twice        B. as twice manyC. twice as many           D. more than twice as many

42. I was so familiar with her that I recognized her voice __D____ I picked up the phone

A. the moment      B. since      C. before       D. while

43. The education of ______ young is always ______ hot and serious topic C

A. /, /      B. the, a       C. /, the       D. the, the

44. Dad wondered where Id been, and I ____A___ a story about being at Grandmas

A. made out        B. made up            C. looked out           D. looked up

45. Your sister doesnt study as ____A___ as you do

A.hard     B.hardly     C.harder    D.hardest

Part Identification (10%)

Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked A, B, C and D. Identify the one that is not correct. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

46. No sooner had they entered the room when the telephone rang C

       A                    B                  C                     D

47. As a graduate from high school, Tom is faced with three choices: attending college, finding a

   A                       B                       C

job or the army D


48. Those freshmen hope to offer some part-time jobs to support themselves financiallyD

        A                      B                C                     D

49. It was his nervousness in the interview what probably caused him to lose the jobC

     A                      B                   C                 D

50. Lucys parents give her everything she asks; what else does she need?  A

                          A            B       C                  D

51. I must work hard, however Ill fail in the examC

     A           B      C              D

52. I am used to read the paper after lunch. Thats one of the things I really enjoyC

      A          B                              C                                   D

53. He told us that John, as well as his brother, were coming to the partyD

       A            B       C                      D

54. Ted has sat an the table and drank more beer than is good for his healthC

          A                       B                 C            D

55. With no one to turn over for help in such a frightening situation, she was in despairB

    A                  B                                C                                 D

Part IV  Cloze (10%)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage, and for each blank there are 4 choices marked A , B , C , and D at the end of the passage. You should choose ONE answer that best fits into the passage. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

Experts suggest using a different password for every website you visit, and changing the password every few months. It takes trouble to keep them in mind, but its well worth the   56  .Be   57  .with your passwords and make it difficult it is for someone to enter your  58 .The more  59 you make your password, the more difficult it is for someone else to figure it 60

Use privacy settings()on social websites to  61  entry into your personal information and limit the  62  of private information you share. Even seemingly innocent information you expose about yourself could be used 63  you. I once read about a burglary(ҵ). It 64  that the thieves selected that particular home  65  they discovered the owner was out of town by  66  a Facebook message

According to personal safety experts, it isnt a(n) 67  experience. The information you post on websites can 68 criminal activity. You may not think 69 about posting the concert you are going to or your weekend away, but could be a(n) 70  for trouble

Information on the Internet has made it easier for thieves to steal any information about you. Never 71 your full birth date. Never respond to e-mails 72 personal or financial information. Do not freely offer personal information to anyone 73 you are certain who you are dealing with. 74  the necessary precautions(Ԥʩ)is the best way to 75  you and your personal information stay protected

B 56.  A.effect        B.effort              C.labor            D.matter

D 57.  A.proud    B.true      C.honest     D.creative

A 58.  A.accounts      B.records      C.directions         D.collections

A 59.  A.complex      B.careful      C.diligent       D.elastic

C 60.  A.away         B.on         C.out           D.in

C 61.  A.respond       B.resign         C.restrict            D.resemble

B 62.  A.number       B.amount         C.pile              D.piece

C 63.  A.with          B.for                    C.about              D.against

A 64.  A.turned out     B.turned in       C.picked out       D.picked up

B 65.  A.which        B.while           C.because          D.although

B 66.  A.knowing      B.reading        C.inspecting              D.realizing

D 67.  A.impacted     B.collected         C.repaired             D.isolated

A 68.  A.lead to       B.result from        C.see off         D.make up

A 69.  A.out          B.aloud            C.once           D.twice

A 70.  A.resistance     B.statement          C.invitaion           D.struggle

A 71.  A.reveal        B.revise          C.resemble          D.require

B 72.  A.threatening     B.requesting          C.worshipping           D.delivering

D 73.  A.since           B.as        C.when     D.untiil

C 74.  A.Replacing         B.Liberating         C.Taking        D.Depending

A 75.  A.ensure         B.separate            C.spread             D.switch

Part Translation(20%)

Section A

Directions: In this part there are five sentences which you should translate into Chinese.These sentences are all taken from the 3 passages you have just read in Reading Comprehension. You can refer back to the passages to identify their meanings in the context

76.It can be a perfect mirror in certain lights, and the larger the glass, the more dangerous it is(ijЩ£ܳΪһ漫õľӣԽΣԽ)

77.As glass office and apartment towers have increased in the last decade, so, too, have calls to make them less deadly to birds(ʮŲõİ칫Һ͹Ԣ¥ӣҲڽ췿ʱʹܼ)

78.The entrepreneurship movement has its critics, especially among those who see college as a time for extensive academic exploration(ҵҲܵĻҲһЩۣرЩѧУΪչѧоطˡ)

79.People with less education, for instance were more likely to report education regret(ȷ˵˵Ļ̶ԽͣԽźԽǿҡ)

80. Many participants also reported wishing they had worked less to spend more time with their children(˵ϣٹܻøʱԼĺӡ)

Section B

Directions: In this part there are five sentences in Chinese. You should translate them into English. Be sure to write clearly

81.վڴԱߣ˼ԼѧϰƻStanding by the window, he is thinking about his study programme.

82.跨ʱShe tries every effort to finish the work on time.

83.ⱾС˵Ѿ飬ܸˡThis novel,which I have read three times, is so moving.

84.һҾ͸ϢI will tell him the news as soon as he comes back.

85.˼ǿͨġThoughts can be expressed by words.


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